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Come and Converge on London 
Tony McSeán
Chair of the ICML Organising Committee
and Librarian of the British Medical Association

Every five years, the world's medical librarians gather together to celebrate our profession, to hear and see the latest developments, and to meet old and new friends and exchange news and ideas. The next International Congress on Medical Librarianship will take place in London on July 2 - 5, 2000 and the organisers are planning an event which will be fit to grace the millennium.

Medical librarians from all over the world are already involved in planning the programme itself and the surrounding professional and social events. To be sure of meeting everyone's needs and interests we would like to invite as many colleagues as possible to join our International Consultation Forum. Members of the Forum will receive the Converge on London Newsletter, which will keep you informed and ask your opinion on important items. Forum members will also enjoy priority booking for conference accommodation. If you would like to join the Forum, or just register your interest in learning more about Coverging on London, please complete the attached tear-off form and send it to the Library Association.

A Theme of Convergence

The library and information profession is becoming ever more closely entwined with computing and publishing as networks link us all together. The congress will explore both the practicalities of this trend, and the ways in which it will change the nature and philosophy of our profession.

A Central Conference

The Congress will take place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre - London's most prestigious conference centre situated a few yards from Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in the heart of London. Within a short walk there will be accommodation to suit all requirements, from five-star hotels to inexpensive student rooms.

A Global Event

The congress is sponsored by IFLA, will incorporate EAHIL's biennial European Conference, the annual conference of the Library Association's health group. Events for Latin American and Japanese participants will form part of the programme, and their will be special-interest events in animal health, nursing, pharmaceuticals and other areas. The local organisers are supported by an International Committee of leading medical librarians from every part of the world.

So - be part of this outstanding event and join the International Consultation Forum: complete the form and post it to the Library association today.

A packed programme is being prepared, with continuing education courses and library visits both before and after the main event. The social side is being planned to take advantage of London’s millennium celebrations: there will be at least one evening which will bring everyone together, but also loads of optional events and outings to take advantage of London’s limitless diversity.

If you would like to kep in touch with progress, please bookmark this page and check back regularly. If you would like to contribute your ideas and opinions to the organisers, why not join the International Consultation Forum by emailing

ICML hasn’t been to Europe for 25 years, and hasn’t been to London since 1953.

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