News Item 10 (April 3, 1999)

Eight Scholarships for Eastern and Central Europe

An additional scholarship fund will provide financial support for eight librarians from Eastern and Central Europe to attend ICML. The funding has been made available through the efforts of Elisabeth Husem, of the University of Oslo, and her Norwegian colleagues. These scholarships will be awarded by the ICML Scholarship Committee using the same published criteria as for all awards. For more information and the application form, click on the button on the ICML home page.

Lenny Rhine, committee chair, reports that information about ICML scholarships has also been circulated via email and discussion lists to Africa, the Caribbean and Eastern and Central Europe - and worldwide via general medical library discussion lists in the US, UK and Europe. A Spanish version is being prepared for distribution throughout Latin America, and arrangements are also being made for distribution in Asia.

If you are thinking of applying for an ICML scholarship, you are strongly encouraged to also consider submitting an abstract for the contributed papers programme. The deadline for this is August 1st, and the submission form is also available on the ICML page