News Item #16 (May 15, l999)


ICML Brochure Launched

The 8-page colour brochure for ICML is now available, and over the next few months will be distributed to health librarians and information workers throughout the world.

The brochure gives details if the programme structure and of the main plenary sessions, together with photographs of one of the boats to be used for the river cruise and preliminary information about the continuing education, visits and scholarship programmes. There are separate inserts for the registration form and for the continuing education programme (which is still in press).

Copies of both brochure and registration form can be downloaded from the this web site, and are available in both text and Acrobat (.PDF) format.

Printed copies of the brochure are available from:

Library Association Enterprises who can be emailed at , or by post at 7 Ridgmount Street, London WC1E 7AE.