News Item #19 (June 5, l999)

Rick Forsman Wins Wimbledon Tickets

The great attraction at the ICML booth at the MLA’s annual meeting was the Great Wimbledon Raffle. Anyone registering for the conference during the Chicago meeting went into the hat for the grand draw for a day out for two at the 2000 All-England Championship at Wimbledon.

The prize was drawn at the closing ceremony by incoming MLA President Frieda Weise, and the hours before the draw took place saw lobbying of an unprecedented intensity as individual early registrants sought to persuade the booth volunteers to assist in fixing the draw so that their name came out. Fortunately, incorruptible public service virtues were well to the fore and everyone’s name only went into the hat once.

So it was entirely coincidental that the winner should be one of the most enthusiastic of the volunteer team – Rick Forsman of the University of Colorado’s Dennison Memorial library. Rick and a friend will be spending the Thursday before ICML eating strawberries and cream and drinking moderate (or perhaps even immoderate) quantities of champagne while watching the world’s finest competing for a place in the semi-finals. Always assuming it doesn’t rain, of course.

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Rick was unable to attend the draw, so our picture shows Freida Weise wrestling the bag of names away from ICML Chair Tony McSeán, who has been temporarily transformed by the tension