News Item 2 (February 12, 1999)

    Independent Group to Administer Scholarships

ICML has a scholarship fund to provide financial support for professional colleagues unable to find sufficient funding to attend the congress. Because the funds available will fall far short of the needs which they address, it is important that this fund is administered objectively and distributed according to criteria which everyone understands. To this end, we have set up an independent Scholarship Committee which will make its decisions in complete independence from the programme and organising committees.

It will be chaired by Dr Lenny Rhine of the University of Florida, who has a deep knowledge and understanding of the international aspects of health librarianship. To serve with him on the committee Lenny is drawing together a group of equally independent-minded people from all parts of the world.

A set of criteria on which decisions on individual scholarships will be based is being drafted and will be published on the ICML web site, and elsewhere.

Applications for ICML scholarships will be welcome from anywhere, and a standard form is being prepared which will appear on this site and make the process as straightforward as possible.