News Item #24 (July 10, l999)

ICML Exhibits at Library Association Conference

The Library Association’s Under One Umbrella conference in Manchester attracted over 1,200 delegates, and to the volunteers working on the join ICML / BMA stand it seemed that every single one came to ask about the congress and take a poster and a brochure.

Exhibiting at Umbrella was the first step is what will be a year-long campaign to encourage the UK health library community to participate fully in ICML.

 wpe6.jpg (68529 bytes)

Caption: Minutes before the conference opens – a short-lived moment of tranquility as the ICML /BMA exhibition stand neat, tidy and ready to be torn apart by an onrushing horde of poster-hungry librarians. Two BMA library staff members wait to restore order – Euphemia Coutinho (who acts as minutes secretary to the ICML Committee and manages most of the mailshots) and Helen Elwell.