News Item 49 (June20, 2000)

 The ICML organising committee is delighted to announce that Dr Fred Bukachi has agreed to speak at our fourth plenary session ("The Health Care Context") on Tuesday July 4th, replacing Dr Oduola who has had to withdraw. Dr Bukachi is an acknowledged expert on doctors' access to and use of information in the less developed world and is well known for combining ;iveliness and authority in his presentations.

Kenyan physician and cardiologist with a strong interest in health informatics.
Educated both in Kenya and the UK, Dr. Bukachi holds a Bachelor's degree in
Medicine and Surgery (MB, ChB); a Diploma in Tropical Medicine (Dip TM); a
Masters degree in Medicine (MMed) from the University of Nairobi. He also
qualified recently with a Master's degree in clinical cardiology from Imperial
College, University of London. He is currently a clinical Research Fellow at
the Royal Brompton Hospital, London, and pursuing his Ph.D. studies in cardiology.

Before coming to London almost 2 years ago, Dr. Bukachi worked as SatelLife'e
regional director for Eastern and Southern Africa based in Kenya. His responsibilities involved coordinating HealthNet in 12 countries in the sub-region. HealthNet is a pioneer electronic network for health workers in the developing countries, serving as a medium for communication and access to health information. He is currently one of the directors of Healthnet Kenya - a successful HealthNet model in Africa. Dr. Bukachi has written and spoken extensively on the subject of doctors? using newer information and communications technologies (ICTs) to access health information in Africa. Recently he co-pioneered the launch of International Partnership for Health (IPH), a non-profit organization based in Chicago, USA. IPH is building a global system that allows patients and providers to communicate their experience across the barriers of language, geography, and specialisation. He serves as board member as well as an advisor to several international organisations.