News Item 50 (June21, 2000)


To:                   Staff Involved in Library Partnership Programs

From:               Lenny Rhine, University of Florida,
                        Jean Shaw, Partnership in Health Information

Re:                   Library Partnership Programs: north/south and east/west
                       (a forum mainly for those involved in library partnerships)

For those of you attending the 8th ICML, we would like to invite you to luncheon forum that is scheduled for Sunday, July 2nd.  The meeting will be held in the Westminster Suite (4th Floor) from 12:45-14:00.

Our goal is to bring together those participants from industrialized and developing countries that are involved in library partnerships.  We would like the forum to be a vehicle for discussion by those involved in the programs and want to encourage everyone to participate in the dialogue. 

After introductions and a brief overview of current programs, we are planning an exercise to identify key issues that foster and hinder the success of programs.  Also, we would like to discuss means for communication between existing programs and to encourage other institutions to develop similar projects. 

We are sending this invitation to partnership program participants in industrialized and developing country institutions.  Our list is not complete and we ask that you forward this announcement to your partners and interested colleagues.  Please encourage them to attend the forum.

We look forward to speaking with you at the July 2nd luncheon.  If you plan to participate, please send an email message to:

*The 1st plenary sessions ends at 12:15.  We ask that each individual obtain his or her lunch (part of the registration fee) and then proceed to the conference room by 12:45.