News Item 7 (March 13, l999)

Proceedings to be Launched at Congress Opening

Because of the constraints in the production process, printed sets of conference proceedings usually appear many months after the event has taken place. ICML’s decision to publish our proceedings only in electronic form has given us the opportunity to launch congress and proceedings simultaneously.

With a mixture of reasonable trepidation and raw bravado, we have decided that the "publication" of the proceedings will take place at the opening ceremony on July 2nd. They will be opened for public browsing on the web by our guest of honour – whose identity will be announced shortly.

In order to give Robert Kiley (editor) and his team a fighting chance of meeting this improbable deadline, contributors are being asked to deliver the written version of their paper by April 1st, 2000 if they wish to be sure that it will be included in the proceedings.