9º Congresso Mundial de Informação em Saúde e Bibliotecas

Salvador, Bahia - Brasil, 20 a 23 de setembro de 2005


4ª Reunião de Coordenação Regional da BVS

19 e 20 de setembro de 2005

The medical informatics to eHealth evolution, and its value to the health care services

  • Consultor Especialista Senior para ITU e a OMS, eEstratégias  - Suiça

The term “eHealth” reflects a much broader and more profound meaning than the term “Electronic Data Processing (EDP) in Health” which was used up to the 1970’s to refer to the uses of computing in the health sector. 

This presentation is intended to lead on to the deliberations of a Panel on “eHealth and ePatient: a new health culture?” by recalling, and citing examples of, the evolution of the applications of the  Information & Communications methodologies and technologies in the health sector over the past three decades.

The presentation will cite national and international applications mainly in the Management, Surveillance, Knowledge and Literature aspects of the health sector.  The examples are carefully chosen to reflect the broad substantive spectrum of eHealth and its global relevance and uses.  It argues that the introduction of eHealth is proving to be a cost-effective means and a major step towards concrete translation of the slogan of “Equitable Access to Quality Health Care” into actions and services.