9º Congresso Mundial de Informação em Saúde e Bibliotecas

Salvador, Bahia - Brasil, 20 a 23 de setembro de 2005


4ª Reunião de Coordenação Regional da BVS

19 e 20 de setembro de 2005

P42 - The Giant VISALEGIS

The action of the sanitary surveillance, in all levels of the government, is dependent on two essential factors, one is knowledge and the other is the legal basis to act.
A law, a decree, a resolution, an executive order or any other legal norm is the prime basis for the regulation exercise and a democratic regulation.
The development of a legislation system was, therefore, a necessity.
In September 2001, ANVISA initiated the discussion and elaboration of a system for the organization of the rules in sanitary surveillance by means of a methodology that optimized the creation of a data basis that promoted the rearrangement, consultation and search in a simple and objective way, seeking the easy utilization of the system for the three spheres of the government, as well as for the regulated sector and society.
This objective was achieved in a partnership with BIREME and with six States – Pernambuco, Goias, Sao Paulo, Tocantins, Rio Grande do Norte and Parana – which worked in the d evelopment of an integrated system through a corporative data bank in federal, state and municipal sanitary legislation in complete text.
In 2005, VISALEGIS is completing four years and, nowadays, it can be considered an instrument capable of facilitating, strengthening and restructuring the Normatization System of Sanitary Surveillance. It is also an instrument to modernize, speed up and engage all the levels of government with the improvement of quality of its procedures and services.
This assertion can be made, without doubt, based on the more than 15.000 existing norms in the system and in the statistics of use. According to those statistics, the VISALEGIS system is already a giant. It has been visited for 50.522 users only in February  2005, with more than 2 million pages researched, and 20,8% of the visitors having added the system to their favorites.
The participation of the technical areas and the individual engagement of the technicians in ANVISA, and the State and Municipal Sa nitary Surveillances in this project, as well as the work of partners as BIREME in the development and maintenance of the system makes that the VISALEGIS not only promotes our institution, but also reinforce our values of Knowledge as source of action, Transparency, Cooperation and Responsibility.
All this acclaim VISALEGIS as a system of great public utility being also cited in 2003 by the Federal Government as one of the elements of the Corruption Control Program.
This success permitted that this model was exported to Colombia, having proposals of integration of the Sanitary Surveillance Legislation throughout the Latin America and the Caribbean by means of a system administrated by OPAS in Washington.
Projects like the Glossary, Judicial Compilations, Visalegis for the Citizen, Visalegis Notebooks and the reorganization of the system for the Visalegis 2 (Corporative system of Rules Elaboration) derived from the Visalegis system, integrate the service, research and teaching for the dev elopment of actions and the strengthening of activities of Sanitary Surveillance for all the segments of society and not only for ANVISA.