9º Congresso Mundial de Informação em Saúde e Bibliotecas

Salvador, Bahia - Brasil, 20 a 23 de setembro de 2005


4ª Reunião de Coordenação Regional da BVS

19 e 20 de setembro de 2005

P45 - The competitive intelligence and Central Library of the Center of Sciences of the Health/UFRJ

This study analyze the application of the competitive intelligence and the differential of competitiveness in an university library of the area biomedical based in the potential of the electronic consortium of periodicals - Portal of Periodicals Capes. In that sense, the consortium has as mission to supply fast access and I need the scientific and technological information to the higher education institutions and of research of the country quickly and low costs. The managers of the university libraries should explore the maximum the fact of the consortium in subject to solve the subject of the high costs with the acquisition of the information. Besides, the consortium can also be constituted in support for the structuring of a unit of competitive intelligence in the university library, in order to support her in the in the support of its competitive advantages. In the relative aspect to the competitiveness, the acting of the university libraries should stand out the factors that it is better, concerning the a ttendance of the needs and the users' expectations, that the libraries and/or competitive units of information. In this perspective, as study object was selected the Central Library of the Center of Sciences of the Health of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, being looked for to identify an example of use of system of competitive intelligence in an university library.