9º Congreso Mundial de Información en Salud y Bibliotecas

Salvador, Bahia - Brasil, 20 a 23 de septiembre de 2005


4a. Reunión de Coordinación Regional de la BVS

19 y 20 de septiembre de 2005

P97 - The Dentistry area in the Portal of Scientific Journals in Health Sciences of Bireme

There are a great number of titles available in dentistry area at the Portal of Scientific Journal in Health Sciences of BIREME, compared to other health areas present in the Portal. Through this, it is possible to obtain some information about the general data of Journals, the SeCs collections, and the access to complete articles, among others. The present work aimed to compare the Brazilian Journals to Latin-American Journals, electronically registered in the Portal of Scientific Journal in Health Sciences, in order to identify the ones that present access to complete article and information in real time. The indexation in the data base LILACS and MEDLINE will be considered in order to select the Journal titles in this work. The intention is to compare the statistical representation of Journals that present a complete article access with the ones with an electronic profile. This study will provide a deeper knowledge, regarding the Brazilian and the Latin-American Journals, according to the scientific inform ation spread in titles with only an electronic profile without a complete access to articles. The study will be also an aware to scientific editors of dentistry area in the search of solutions to achieve the Journal and article visibility as for to the authors involved in publications on the related Journals.