9º Congreso Mundial de Información en Salud y Bibliotecas

Salvador, Bahia - Brasil, 20 a 23 de septiembre de 2005


4a. Reunión de Coordinación Regional de la BVS

19 y 20 de septiembre de 2005

Obtaining information from Molecular Biology databases


Obtaining information from Molecular Biology databases

Nowadays, all biomedical research needs to search and analyze data obtained from molecular biology processes. Most of this can be carried out through the Internet thanks to free public databases. These databases are essential resources for the daily work of researchers and professionals from the field of biomedicine.
Knowledge of these tools, their applications and purposes is very useful. These databases have been evolved to meet the changing needs of molecular biologists.
In this work an overview of these databases is organized by subject and presented in such a way as to be useful to the scientific community and to facilitate the information research process according to each project.
The main objective of this study is not to provide a never ending databases listing, but to include those that give free access, are supported by international prestigious institutions and allow easy browsing without the need for downlo ading any software program.
The great amount of databases makes necessary to interconnect and standardize them. From this point of view, one of the most appropriated research systems is the Sequence Retrieval System (SRS). SRS is a database administrator developed specifically to work with biological data, and enables search in over 80 databases and navigation within them.