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19 e 20 de setembro de 2005

Cartography on communication in health


Cartography on communication in health

The work presents a tool of communication strategic planning: the mapping out of the network in charge of producing senses in health. The tool is part of a wider method of planning and helps to identify sources, flux and places of power of the discourses on a certain subject.
The communication map was developed to materialize the notion of Simbolic Market, which, according to communication theory, states that communication operates in a market fashion, where several voices compete for the prevalence of its own way of perceiving, analysing and intervening in reality. The notion goes against the dominant model in health, linear, one-dimensional and transferencial, and operates with the concepts of polyphony, enunciative heterogeneity, context, discourse competition, simbolic power and place of interlocution. It has been applied to various subjects related to Public Policies in Brazil, particularly in the health sector (Aids, Indian health, national c onferences on health etc.).
The case study which allows in this work to fulfil the proposal is the mapping out of communication on environment in the region of Manguinhos Complex, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. The map production inserts itself in the Manguinhos Territorial Laboratory project, developed at Fundação Oswaldo Cruz and which operates with the amplified notion of health, which includes the environmental component.
The map is being implemented with field researches, associated with geoprocessing technology. Up to now the mapping has covered the institutional and media sources of production and circulation of the discourses and it’s expected to be finished on July, 2005.