9º World Congress on Health Information and Libraries

Salvador, Bahia - Brazil, September, 20 to 23 - 2005


4th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL

September, 19 to 20 - 2005

Information and communication in the public policies construction: the example of Política Nacional de Humanização


Information and communication in the public policies construction: the example of Política Nacional de Humanização

The Humanization National Policy (HNP) has been elaborated by means of cooperative procedures after discussion and concurrence forums held at specific meetings involving technicians, heads of the Ministry of Health and a wide selection of social actors. As a result, the standard policy document has been built – a theory policy guideline milestone. At the same time, an intervention in the 12th National Health Conference motivated a change in the SHS personnel’s moods that made viable a construction of a visual identity. It has been also developed a solid agreement that was delivered to counties and large cities focused in the policy implementation all previously set by specific meetings and seminars so as to promote the debate. During the events, interactive methodologies have been applied by using brainstorm sessions and workshops mainly related to quotidian humanization matte rs. After defining as an essential transversal policy if compared to other health programs, the HNP aimed at linking to all ongoing health policy processes, contributing for the incorporation of the guideline principles of humanization that were segmented in four important courses of action: attention, management, communication and skill. The HNP assumptions are: enlarge access by reducing queues with shelter/risk classification; guarantee the right to information by means of responsibility and link to the personnel and health units; guarantee the right of a escort during the entire healthcare treatment; and consolidate the interactive management to employees/users and permanent education to the health system employees. For an easy access to humanization issues, it has been developed a website www.saude.gov.br/humanizasus, a related area in the Virtual Health Library/MH and a management tool for the HumanizaSUS work area so as to allow HNP coordination, re mote and immediate access to all its activities and interactivity among members. Users may include latest news, documents, agenda, follow-up activities and add comments to forums, allowing full access to the contents in the several regions of the country. In addition, specific booklets have been elaborated on the following subjects: Shelter, outstanding team and matrix support, management and skill training on the work processes, co-management, open visiting, transdisciplined promptuary, environment, social movements and humanization work team – HWT. Informative and Institutional folders and pamphlets have been elaborated taking into account the regional culture, such as the Codel language, comic books spreading understanding and access.