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Spanish health journals in international and national databases


Spanish health journals in international and national databases

To analyze the presence of those medical journals published in Spain in the Spanish IME (Spanish Medical Index) Databases (DB), IBECS, Mediclatina, Cuide3n, Cuidatge, BDIE, Enfispo, as well as in the international Medline and CINAHL databases.
When carrying out this report a list was drawn up of all the journals that are indexed in each one of the selected databases and an analysis was done of their presence in each one. Also included were the ISSN number of the journal and their closure date in those journals that no longer publish or are no longer indexed in the DB.
The Excel program was utilized for the statistical analysis of the data obtained. From the initial list all those non-Spanish journals were excluded. Further unification of titles was carried out by way of filtering those titles that had undergone a change in the title of the journal or the title used in each datab ase was found to be repeated. For the identification and localization of these journals we resorted to the C17 Health Science Collective Catalogue and the National Spanish Library .
A total of 791 journals titles were found to be repeated. The distribution in the national DBs was as follows;
IME had the greatest number of indexed journals with a total of 57.77%. Second was Cuiden at 27.30%. Next came Cuidatge at 20.35% followed by IBECS at 17.77%.
At the other end of the scope one finds Enfispo at 10.49%, Mayores at 8.59%, Mediclatina at 8.47% and BDIE 2.27%
The presence of Spanish health journals in the international databases is practically non-existent since Medline includes 38 journals for a total 0.80% and CINAHL 9 journals totalling 0.53%. overlapping was very high between the IME and IBECS DBs. 99 titles were found to overlap between the 2 DBs.
To note the important overlapping of health journals titles found between the two DBs. Th e total number of nursing journals were found to be indexed with a greater coverage given than that of medical journals. Up to now the purely electronic journals have not been indexed in the Spanish Health Sciences DBs as of yet. For the moment the Spanish health journals have very little presence in international DBs.