9º Congresso Mundial de Informação em Saúde e Bibliotecas

Salvador, Bahia - Brasil, 20 a 23 de setembro de 2005


4ª Reunião de Coordenação Regional da BVS

19 e 20 de setembro de 2005

Certified visibility of the scientific publications in health and biomedical sciences in Colombia and the offer of the platform BIREME

  • Coordenador, VHL Colombia  - Colombia
  • Chief Investigation, Dept.Micobiology of High College of Cundinamarca State  - Colombia

Certified visibility of the scientific publications in health and biomedical sciences in Colombia and the offer of the platform BIREME

Through the management with the cooperating entities for feeding of VHL it jumps to the view a little explicit matter between the community of publishers, managers and users of the information who constitute the structure of content and involvement of VHL, and is the effect that performs the classification of the publications in the Systems of Indexing and Summaries (SIRes), on the participation or not in the volumes of VHL contents.
The certified Visibility by  SIR’es and in turn, the form in that these help the positioning of the journals in the National System of Indexing of Colombian Scientific Journals and the National Bibliographic Index, Publindex, is affecting the characterization of VHL as channel adequate for the dissemination and availability of information because the involvement and contribution of the publishers will depend in the way, the scoring and the categorization that the involvement in the programs BIREME (Lilacs and Scielo) grants them in the National Systems of Classification, specifically the Publindex in the Colombian case.
The certified  Visibility is a subject that takes on special importance in this context and marks an also relevant and strategic task for who we administer the VHL: we should know and to involve us in the increase in the quality of the edition of scientific publications in Health of the Country!. Hence the importance of  knowing the state of the Colombian scientific journals in biomedical sciences as fundamental variable of the scientific development of the country in this area and your state of “visibility certified” in accordance with the parameters of the program Publindex, component in turn of the program Network ScientI, and an appraisal concerning the offer of the programs BIREME as attraction of this Visibility.
On the other hand, the V.C. poses a two-way challenge in this knowledge mana gerial process in health: that the involvement in the programs of the platform BIREME mean the acquisition of a high score in the classifications of the journals in the national systems of Indexing so that they sit attracted to participate reporting important volumes of new information, which implies for the editors to adjust the quality of your publications to standards and/or requirements proposed by these Systems of Indexing.
To all these, What is certified visibility? Is assimilable to the traditional concepts of dissemination of information through the virtual scene? What conceptual components and implications do you have in the comprehensive process of managerial of Knowledge?
Three aspects intends this writing: an advances in the temmatization conceptual of the matter, an approximation on the state of the issue in the framework of the review of the development of scientific research in Health in the Country, and a revision of the tasks that arise for whom we perform functions of Managemen t of Knowledge in Health.