9º Congreso Mundial de Información en Salud y Bibliotecas

Salvador, Bahia - Brasil, 20 a 23 de septiembre de 2005


4a. Reunión de Coordinación Regional de la BVS

19 y 20 de septiembre de 2005

P127 - Professional development in Health Information Sciencies from 2000-2004

Human resources training will allow satisfaction of   the services that they provide, and  in an specific way will   lead to the quality management of those services. Consequently,  since no profession can survive at present without justifying  its  daily usefulness or  need, the information worker  is not outside this process.  Therefore, raising the level  of training in abilities, dexterities and theoretical-practical knowledge required so  that the abovementioned resources can  accomplish  the  specialized function in  a  socially acknowledged and acceptable  way becomes a challenge.
In this way, those who work in this field, i.e, professors, researchers, technicians and  professionals are in charge of making the analysis, follow-up and updating of all required competencies so as to consolidate the profession according to the present  validity of the Information Society.
In this context,  this  paper  presents  an  analysis  of the work performed by the Teaching De partment of the National Center for Medical Sciences Information  from 2000 to 2004 and of  the  strategy started in  the  year 2000  as a comprehensive part of the training of Information Sciences professionals.