9º Congreso Mundial de Información en Salud y Bibliotecas

Salvador, Bahia - Brasil, 20 a 23 de septiembre de 2005


4a. Reunión de Coordinación Regional de la BVS

19 y 20 de septiembre de 2005

P128 - Experience in the implementation of a training program in the field of medical records and health information directed to high school graduate technicians

The work approaches the qualification of the professionals graduated in High School in the area of Information in Health during the implantation of the & quot;Specialization Course in Health Information for High Schools professionals & quot; in the Grupo Hospitalar Conceição/RS. The proposal of the qualification is to value the context of the work, making the professionals of high school level pay attention to the importance of the critical reflection on its practices, its daily, and insertion of the same ones in the achievement of a bigger institutional goal that is the information to the health area. The process was initiated with the accomplishment of Workshop of Work, through a shared construction based with the local necessities and mediated by the exchange of experience between FIOCRUZ and GHC/RS, aiming to argue and to define the desired profile of the professional of high school level, to elaborate the abilities, contents and the construct the Plan of Course compatible with the professional education for area of Information in Health. The preliminary results indicate the importance of the qualification of the professional of high school level that acts in the area of Health Information, in integrated form, where the qualification presents a methodology that 'transforms it into agent of its proper development and that it propitiates a reflection on the social insertion of its work'.